Logo design from £5 REALLY?

December 14, 2013

Yes i have heard of these so called £5 logo designers with unlimited revisions, here is how they work and why you designer guys need to stop destroying your own brand!

For a UK designer £5 for a logo design just isn’t worth it. I mean what contribution will £5 make to your business/lifestyle? You could argue that the design would only take a few minutes and that a few minutes work for a fiver is a good wage? NO LET ME EXPLAIN

Logo design is unique bespoke work, and you need to understand all the variables and efforts that go into them which shows you why it is unsustainable and how you’re operating at a loss. (This is aimed at you newbie designers/freelancers)


You have to market yourself which takes time, writing your ad copy and posting your adverts online and even offline in an attempt to win business. You have to continually do this ruthlessly with military precision.


Once you start recieving enquiries or sales, it will most likely be down to your sheer giveaway prices, for example the guy wanting to spend £20 on a logo will actually think hey ill try this logo for a fiver and save £15 from my budget.

So after emailing/messaging you trying to negotiate and sending you a brief of what they require you then get to work.

P.S These “cheap” customers don’t actually know what they want until they see your first draft.

So you have done your first drafts

The customer has been sent the drafts you designed and picks one that they like, they then say change this that and that, so you go away and do that and then send to the customer after a few hours.

The customer forgets to email you back and a few days pass.

The customer remembers they ordered a logo and asks you to re send the drafts, then the customer looks online for a  logo they like and completely changes their initial brief and emails you something completely different  and says please copy this logo..

Now your in the designers no mans zone

If you tell the customer you cant re design him a new logo concept he’s going to say “Why not i paid” or ” i thought it was unlimited revisions” or the good old give me a refund you’ve lost my business etc

So you either crumble to the customers requests and keep making their changes as and when hey see fit or refund them their £5 and walk away from it.

If you are lucky enough to get paid upfront that’s ok, but on many of these freelance website the money goes in holding until the client is happy so your pretty much at the mercy of the customer from start to finish, even if  they do approve payment they may leave you a bad feedback which would affect your sales but that’s another story.


Take into consideration the advertising time, time on the project, emails, edits, emails, edits, design changes, waiting for your payment, sending the files over in the requested files, then the taxes / paypal fees for a paymet of £5 the headache, stress and putting up with a customer who wants everything now!

So now total all of the above up, and no the chances of these customers every buying another service from you again are slim to none even if they are satisfied with you. All hell breaks loose if they’re mad at you.

Also to earn £100 you would have to manage 20 of these projects a week, which will be a very time consuming task, so the moral of the story is manage your time, take on a workload you can accept and work at a price that suits you.



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