Choose Your Colour And Fonts For Your Custom Logo Design

Custom Logo Design

Colours always bring a lot of emotions within us. Each colour has a different meaning. So, one should always choose the right colour for their custom logo design. Along with it, a logo’s fonts should be chosen very carefully too. When a logo is designed, both are combined compatibly to bring the most attention to it. Here are some ways on how you should choose the perfect colour and font for your custom logo design.

Identify Your Inspiration

You need to choose the perfect colour and the perfect font which will match your business idea. To do that, you need to ask yourself what is the purpose of your business and the colour or the font you are trying to choose will be able to convey that or not. If your customers can relate to it, then your logo design will be able to attract the targeted customers.

Bring Out an Emotional Response

Have you seen those advertisements that bring out many emotional responses from the viewers? You will need to do the same with your custom logo design. If you can bring out an emotional response from your viewers, you will be able to make them into your targeted customers. You should also know what the different colours represents.

• Blue represents peace, integrity, and authoritative
• Green represents prosperity, relaxation, and growth
• Yellow represents energy, happiness, and warmth
• Pink represents feminine, softness, and romance
• Black represents elegance, power, and mystery
• Orange represents youth, determination, and force
• White represents clear, simple, and pure
• Red represents passion, love, and adventure

If you know what colour will be the best to represent your business, your logo design will turn out to be perfect.

Select Appropriate Colour Combinations

If you want to use more than one colour for your custom logo design, choose your colours wisely. The colour combination shouldn’t look gaudy or out of place. They should combine ways to look catchy and will make your viewers interested.

After you have chosen the perfect colour, you need to choose the right font. While choosing your font, you should keep three things in your mind. Make sure your perfect font has three basic requirements.

Brand fonts should be of all kinds

Once you finalize your font, you won’t be changing it for years. So make sure your chosen font works for all kinds of mediums.

Fonts should have multiple sizes

There should be a difference between your heading and subheading. So, multiple font weights should be chosen carefully too. You can use different font weights for different media.

Fonts should be legible

Your custom logo design needs to be legible which means it should be easy to read. Otherwise, viewers won’t make the effort to read it.

Therefore, keep these things in your mind while choosing the font and colour for your custom logo design.