Is It The Right Time For A Logo Redesigning?

Logo Redesigning mr

Nowadays most of the businesses have logos for their brands but they fail to realise if their logos are good or bad. Just check out these points and you will be able to know whether redesigning would be a good idea for you. There are many professional logo design companies in UK offering logos at a pocket-friendly rate. So redesigning won’t even cost you much and you would be able to reflect your brand in the right way as well.

Now, let’s take a look at your logo – how it is and whether it needs redesigning!

Logo Design

Out of date

There are some logos that have outdated visuals, effects and techniques. They look like they were created long time back. They usually have 3D gradients, old-styled skeuomorphism, clip art or certain fonts that were used excessively during the 1990s. If you have such an outdated logo, redesign it and make it look like a logo of 21st century. Go for retro design if you want and use only vintage design elements, which are on trend.

Not expressed clearly

Again, if you happen to have a logo that appears to be in good colour and shape but doesn’t say anything regarding your company, it’s time you should get it redesigned. The main objective of a logo is to make its target audience understand who the company is and what it does. If your brand logo says nothing and has the company name with some random images, add some description at least. You can just put in a few words on what you do. Remember one thing when it comes to logos –less the text more the effectively.

Irrelevant images

You might have a logo that’s good in design but not good for your particular brand. It might not be the one that’s representing your brand exactly; it may look like it’s for a different industry. This means the design is not echoing the feeling of your own brand. In that case what would happen is that your logo won’t be able to build customer loyalty or have brand recognition. You need to stick with images that are connected to your business directly. It can either reflect the name of your company or the work that it does. The funda is to be innovative.

Conflicting themes

Themes often conflict in business logos. As a business owner you need to realise that if the images and artistic style that you are using in the logo doesn’t reflect with your branding goal, then you are developing a wrong feeling for your brand name, which you shouldn’t. Look at your logo carefully and then decide if its theme is matching with your brand’s objective. If not, then it’s high time you should set your brand’s mood now.

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