Tips To Remove The Background From Your Logo

Tips To Remove The Background From Your Logo

A logo is the face of your brand. The more unique it would be, the more it would be able to speak about the brand. Also, the most attractive feature of a logo is that it should be able to separate your brand from the others, and it should able to make you stand out in the crowd. A quality logo design in the UK would be such that it would be suitable for all the platforms, whether it is for your business card or the online website.

You might have come up with a professional logo design in the UK, and you can use it everywhere. However, you cannot use the same logo to upload it on your website and print it on a T-shirt simultaneously because the coloured background might clash with other elements in the surroundings. That’s where the role of the ever-versatile transparent logo comes into play. This eases the possibility of using on top of an image or a coloured background. Therefore, making the logo a valuable asset in building the brand image across online and offline platforms.

How to remove the background from your logo?

• You can use tools like for Windows/Mac/Linux.

You can easily remove backgrounds from multiple files at the same time. All you have to do is drag the logo into the window and click on “Start.” You do not have to do anything and, remove.bag would remove the background automatically from the logo. You will be able to get Artificial Intelligence powered cut-outs. The AI-enabled cut-outs are helpful in editing photos and can handle complicated conditions such as challenging edges with perfection. You can also choose if you need a coloured background, white background, or transparent background.

• You can also use PhotoScissors.

You can drag and drop the image in the upload area and click on the “Upload” button. PhotoScissors would remove the background and show you the end-product on the right-hand side. The use of the red or green markers would help you increase or decrease the area from the marker zone and fine-tune the image. However, if you want to adjust other parameters, then you can do it through the left sidebar, and within a minute, your logo is ready without any background.

• Remove the background in PowerPoint

You can use a very simple trick on PowerPoint to remove the background from the logo.
1) Right-click on the logo image and click on “Show Picture Toolbar.”
2) Click the “Set Transparent Colour Tool.”
3) The pointer changes to transparent. Now click on the background of the image, and you are good to go.

You can make an affordable logo design in the UK and make it stand out in the crowd of the symbol, wordmark, shape, or other elements of your design by keeping it transparent. A logo is most commonly used in websites, email signatures, letterheads, T-Shirts, images, and videos.