Looking For A Logo Design For Your Clothing Design – Here’s A Guide For You

Looking For A Logo Design For Your Clothing Design – Here’s A Guide For You

If you are planning to open an online clothing store or redesign the look of your brand, you have to craft a visual identity for your brand. The logo is the first thing that the customer would see.Applying the saying that “fine dress helps to impress” uses this opportunity to make the right impression on the audiences and separate your brand from the rest. A professional logo designer would listen to your needs and come up with a custom logo design in the UK that would match your brand’s identity.

Following are the things that you need to keep in mind while designing a logo for your clothing brand:

1) Associate the nature of your products to your logo

Associate the nature of your products to your logo
If you want to reach the target audience, you need to make a good impression on them. Do you wish to cater to the elite class? Or if you’re going to keep the prices reasonable, then make sure that this reflects in your logo. If you want to develop a clothing brand for children, you can come up with a merry and bright logo. Moreover, you can use your logo to associate attributes such as comfort, style, durability, quality, and many more.

2) Choose an icon for logo

Choose an icon
An icon can catch the attention of the audience quickly. You can use an icon related to the fashion industry. If you keep only men’s apparel, you can include moustache or a lady with a bun if you sell clothing for women. However, using animal images will help you to reflect that you sell kids’ accessories and apparel. Including icons such as ties, hats, gloves, or sunglasses in your logo would also help you provide the customer’s insight into your brand.

3) Colours of logo

Colours play a pivotal role in all businesses. The use of a clean colour scheme can increase your logo’s effectiveness, just like an inappropriate colour scheme can drive away potential customers. Every colour has the power to evoke certain emotions and set a mood for the association. For instance, red depicts passion, power, and energy. Colours like pink and baby blue can be used for children’s wear, the yellow colour gives sunny and positive vibes, on the other hand, black symbolizes style and elegance and can be associated with office wear.

4) Choose a font for logo

Choose a font
The font of the logo is as important as the colour. The colour combination impacts the visual perception of the logo, whereas the text message will add value to its legibility and make it memorable. Match your font with the icon and use a thicker font if the icon is large. However, if the logo involves a small or no icon, you are free to play with refined fonts.

5) Wrap up the logo

Wrap it up
Please keep all the parameters mentioned above in mind and assemble them to develop an attractive logo design for your brand. Be careful with minor elements and avoid hard-to-read fonts that are fancy but cannot retain the audience’s attention for long.

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