Steps To Follow While Designing A Logo For Your Brand

Steps To Follow While Designing A Logo

A logo would help you to establish an identity for your brand. The logo would put forward a message that would describe the products and services of the brand. An effective logo is the least complicated one. For instance the logo of McDonald’s. The logo is not the brand. The entrepreneur has to build the brand separately. However, a logo becomes the face of the brand. Just like the “M” became the most remembered logo for McDonald’s with the tagline “I’m lovin it”.
Here are a few steps that everyone should be aware of while designing a logo from the scratch.

1) Collect design inspiration:

When you are flooded with ideas, starting is often the most difficult part of any creative endeavour. Try to think of the logos that you have come across to date and reason out with yourself as to why they were so memorable. Try to compare the logos of the competitors and ask yourself that is the design symmetrical or are the elements balanced? Ask yourself if the colours that are being used are monochromatic, neutral, or contrasting. Keep an eye on the patterns and trends that are in demand because the perception of the consumers is the most important factor in branding. However, you can always get in touch with a designer, who would come up with a custom logo design in the UK.

2) Know the very basics of logo design:

If you are designing the logo for your brand yourself, think of a logo that is unique and versatile and at the same time is appropriate for the target audience that the business is serving. Try to maintain the visual hierarchy in the logo. For example, if the logo contains the brand name then it has to be made bold whereas the tagline has to be kept smaller because people will first recognize the brand by its name but the tagline would be an add-on line to describe your brand. Decide if you want a monogram logo, wordmark logo, or combination logo for your brand. Also, the placement of elements such as slogans, symbols, or stacked text can bring about a major change in the look of a logo.

3) Use colours that would reflect your brand:

Playing with colours is very much important to come up with an effective logo. Different colours evoke different emotions and thereby influence the buying decisions of the customers. Think about your brand and think if you want to use cool tones like blue or green or warm tones like red or yellow. Every colour signifies something, for instance, pink represents femininity whereas green can be used to represent any organic brand, and white represents purity and simplicity.

4) Work on the font and symbol for the logo:

The most commonly used fonts are Sans fonts, Sans serif fonts, Script fonts, Modern fonts, Display fonts. All of these fonts have their characteristics, make sure whichever font you are choosing justifies the attributes of the brand. Use symbols in the logo that would be associated with the nature of the brand. For instance, while designing the logo for a hospital something like the heart rate line would be more appropriate. I f you want to get rid of these worries, you can always hire a professional who would provide affordable logo designs in the UK.

5) Use proper software for designing the logo:

Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, and Vectr are the standard vector graphic editing software. The vector images are easy to modify and scale. The most commonly used online logo-making software are Hatchful, LogoMakr, DesignEvo Free Logo Maker, Canva, and MarkMaker.

It is not so easier to design a logo, as it may seem. It would take weeks for you to come up with an appropriate logo for your brand. However, after taking all these things into considerations make sure that your logo reflects all the efforts that you put into its making.