Tips To Remember Before Finalising A Logo For Your Brand

Tips To Remember Before Finalising A Logo For Your Brand

A perfect logo represents all the values that a brand upholds and it creates an amazing first impression. Therefore, creating a logo that would leave an everlasting impression on the logo is vital for a brand. Without a unique logo, your audience will not be able to identify your brand, let alone outweighing your competitors. A quality logo design in the UK is what audiences would prefer over others.

We are living in the age of digitization and since traditional business mediums are getting replaced by digital platforms, building a brand identity has become more important. To survive the competition, conventional branding techniques through stationery and business cards are not enough. A professional logo designer can help you by designing one. From drafting the logo on a piece of paper to printing it on large billboards, here are some of the tips that should be kept in mind while designing the logo for a brand.

• Know your audience:

Start with a basic sketch

It is very much important to know your target audience before you design a logo. What imagery, colours, or concepts will appeal to your target audience? What perception do you want to build in the minds of the audiences when they think of your brand? For instance, when you are offering a product or service targeted at children, you should use playful and fun imagery.

• Do your research:


Apart from knowing your audience, it is also important to do research about the goals of your business and come up with a logo that could do justice to the same. Your logo should distinguish your brand from the competitors who are offering similar products and services. Therefore, research your competitor’s logo and come up with a unique one that would stand out.

• Start with a basic sketch:

Start with a basic sketch

The first step to create a purposeful logo is by drafting it on paper with the help of a pen. A good designer would start with sketching before engaging in other steps. Come up with 20 to 30 sketches.

• Maintain simplicity and proportion:

Maintain simplicity and proportion

Simple and easy logos are more attractive than overly detailed ones. Make sure that it a balanced one in terms of colours, text, and images. If a logo is not balanced and overly crowded, it would make the audience confused about the message that the brand is trying to put forward through its logo.

• Be creative and think out of the box:

Be creative and think out of the box

The colour, typography, and shape should give a cohesive impression of the brand at one glance. Dare to different. For instance, Apple’s logo is unique because they have gone for using a symbol that is completely different and yet signifies the brand. Similarly, the arrow in Amazon logo signifies the nature of the company and what it does.
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