Brands With Winter Logo Designs

If you can give your logo a ‘festive-mood’ touch by availing the 30 percent discount offer of MR Logo Designs, a quality logo design company in the UK, then this can attract a huge number of customers. You can get more mileage out of your logo than any other marketing technique. Here are some popular brands that have made proper use of a winter logo to get the attention of the customers. You can also use such logo designs by availing 30 percent discount offer of MR Logo Designs in the UK, to revamp your logo.

Burger King

Burger King 

You must have seen the logo of Burger King. If you notice their logo design for 2015, you will find that the famous burger bun logo changed into a reindeer nose and snowman head. It helped the company to draw customers’ attention to a huge extent.



Kleenex is a company in the UK that sells toilet paper and facial tissues. Kleenex added Roly-poly characters and wintry backgrounds to create a light-hearted scene. After looking at this logo, the customers will remember to keep Kleenex around all season to handle sniffle attacks.



Tesco is a grocery shop in the UK and party hats are very popular there, especially during the winter season. Tesco showed a clever sense of humour by adding a hat to its logo in stores and seasonal images. You can visit MR Logo Designs, a professional logo design company in the UK, and can take their suggestions if you are planning to revamp your logo this winter.



Vimeo played in a little different way while designing their logo for winter. If you notice their logo design for 2013, you will find that they have used some hand-drawn doodles to revamp their logo. You can even revamp your logo with hand-drawn designs as it is a growing trend for brands who want their business to be friendly and authentic.



It is a well-known brand that sells clothes and shoes. Now, these items are always in demand. So, Kohl’s took a minimalist approach to create a seasonal logo. A revamped logo should catch customers’ attention and should motivate a last-minute purchase. Thus, Kohl’s add a gift card symbol to their logo, as gift cards are something that the customers always want to grab.

Tips to design a holiday logo –


Overlap your logo with common holiday-themed shapes like circles, boxes, trees, etc.


If your logo is very simple, then a seasonal pattern can change the entire look of your logo and it can attract a huge number of customers.


If you can add a themed background to your plain logomark, it can create a decorative frame to your logo.


Instead of altering your logo, sometimes it is best to make your logo interact with other elements.

No matter what type of business you are operating, always show your customer that you love fun. Since winter brings a holiday vibe and holidays boost positive feeling, redesign your logo with the cheap logo design services of MR Logo Designs in the UK and avail their 30 % discount offer which is valid for a limited period only.