Is A Pink Logo Right For Your Brand?

You might have seen that many well-known brands are using a pink logo. A pink logo is usually designed to appeal to the female gender. Barbie, Johnson and Johnson, Mary Kay are some of the companies that use a pink logo and these are mainly female-friendly companies. However, if you think that a pink logo is not suitable for your company because your products are more inclined to the male gender, then, you are mistaken. While a pink logo is great for putting a feminine touch to your logo, pink is more powerful than that as it can carry many different brand meaning. To highlight the other meanings of a pink logo you need to visit MR Logo, a quality logo design company in the UK, who can help you in this regard. If you see the logos of Baskin Robbins, Hairer, and Taco Bell you will see that they have used different shades of pink because pink represents far more than feminism.

Logo Design
While a pink logo can look very bright and eye-catchy, we should not overlook its soft and gentle side. A business can communicate a lot of meaning beyond feminism, by using light-saturated shades of pink. According to ‘Psychology of Colour’, pink represents charm, sensitivity, sweetness, childhood, romance, politeness, and fun. Pink is the colour of universal love as well. It represents friendship, harmony, inner peace, and affection. Many sweet treats companies who sell cupcakes, pastries, and cookies are using pink in their logo as pink is a great colour to portray sweet dishes. If you want to start your business in the sweet industry, don’t think twice before using a pink logo. Go for it and you will gain a lot of public attention.
A pink logo can also be used by a company which is somehow related to the health sector. You might have noticed that pink ribbons are also used as an international symbol of breast cancer awareness. The shade of a colour that a company is using in its logo is a very important factor. Often the shade is responsible for the sales of the company. A company selling expensive products or trendy products for females can use a hot pink colour in their logo because a hot pink coloured logo symbolizes fun, excitement, energy, and youthfulness while light pink logos symbolize romanticism. If you can make a purple or purplish-pink professional logo design from MR Logo, a company in the UK, then it can surely convey eroticism, femininity, and seduction. Companies selling romantic products can use a purplish pink logo for their products. Fuchsia and magenta are bright and warm shades of pink. They can encourage a sense of confidence within the buyers. Have you ever noticed Baker-Miller pink? It is that shade of pink that can come people down. This shade of pink can reduce aggressive behaviour and violence.
Hence, the more you read about pink, you will realize that companies should make logos in pink. Don’t be afraid to use a pink logo for your company. Try to come out from that stereotypical thinking based on ‘long-ago marketing’. To get a more clear idea about logo designs, check out MR Logo’s cheap logo design packages in the UK.