Different Types Of Logos That You Must Know

Different Types Of Logos That You Must Know

The logo is a very crucial part of your business. Now to make a quality logo design, you should know the different types of logos among which you can choose the perfect one for your business. 3 main categories in which logos are divided are Images, Words, and Combinations. Here are some types of logos based on these 3 categories –

Logo Design

These are the logos that contain graphic symbols or icons. These types of logos are very simple and straightforward. By looking at these logos your customer can understand what type of products and services your business is dealing with. These types of logos are very easy to remember as it conveys a quick and clear message to the customers. For example, if we consider the logo of YouTube, it is a logo of a play button. Even a layman can clearly understand that YouTube is related to videos or songs.

Abstract logos

An abstract logo is just a symbol that does not have any real-life existence. These types of logos are very catchy. It is made to express something specific about your business. Normally logos are designed in such a way so that they can convey certain messages to the customers. But for these types of logos, there is an opportunity for the customers to frame the message in their own way, as these logos are not confined to any real-world objects. Remember a quality logo design should not be too much complicated, otherwise, it will become difficult for the customers to understand its meaning.

Mascot logo

A mascot logo contains the image of a character or a person that acts as a ‘spokesperson’ for your business. This makes the logo very interesting and people can easily remember it. Also, these types of logos are a common attraction to kids. Let us consider the logo of Kellogs. It is a picture of an animated tiger. Now, this will become very attractive for kids and they will want to have Kellogs cornflakes in breakfast, as a result, the company can gain a lot of attention from the children population.

Wordmark logo

It is textual and contains only the name of the company. For this type of logo, the customers need not do any guessing. They will be able to know about the company straight away from the name. These types of logos have a lot of branding advantages because these types of logos can be easily transferred onto any kind of marketing material due to being versatile in nature.

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Now that you know all the types of logos, you can choose the right one for your business. Remember a quality logo design can increase your brand recognition in the market to a huge extent.