The History And Evolution Of Logo Design Through The Past Years

The History And Evolution Of Logo Design Through The Past Years

Logos are a big part of doing business in the modern era. Without it, a business might not be able to make its mark in the business world. There are so many different types of logo design, a company can choose from. Wordmark, a letter mark, emblem, mascot, etc. are some of those types that companies prefer. But it has taken a lot of years for designers to come up with these custom logo designs.

The very first form of logo designs that exist are Heraldic crests and religious symbols. These crests were designed to show the influence of status in society. Usually, these icons were used by monarchs. Religious symbols, on the other hand, were used by people to show their power, authority, and recognition.

Next is the era of pre-industrialization. This is when the actual commercialization of goods and services began to take root during the business. At first, it was only done on clothes and jute materials. After a few years, as more and more business started to grow with the same kinds of goods and services, these images and names were used to differentiate among them. This is what gave birth to the concept of brand loyalty and brand recognition.

Due to the industrial revolution, a huge competition in the market started. This is when the need for marketing and advertisement also came into play. At that time, the logo designs were created on paper and then mass-produced for marketing. Also, during this time, ownership of the logo design became an important part of the logo industry.

Coming to the modern era, you might know how custom logo designs have become an integral part of the business. Small or big, new or old, every business, organization, and community have a custom logo design. Several software programs are used by professional logo designers to design the perfect logo. Only with a logo can a business establish its brand and connect with its targeted audience.

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