5 Surprising Facts That You Might Not Have Known About Google Logo

We all use Google every day in our life. Whether it’s to know about any important information or just to find out about a food recipe. Google has been there for so long since computers came into our life. But there are two things that people are still interested to know about. One is the speed of the search engine and the other is the custom logo design of Google. You probably don’t know a lot of surprising uncommon facts about the logo design of Google. Read on to find out about them.

First-Ever Logo Was Quite Bizarre

Did you know that Google was known as BackRub when it was created in 1996 for the first time? This is why the first logo was truly bizarre where it was an image of a hand rubbing a bare back. The name indicated the technology of backlink tracking. In 1997 it was decided by Larry Page and Sergey Brin to name the company Googol. But, a mistake was made while registering the domain and the name became Google.

Google Wanted A Non-Designed Logo

The logo design of Google always keeps evolving ever since 1998. The original log was designed by Ruth Kedar. The logo design used customized Catull typeface and unique visual expression. The letter L in the logo had a secondary colour which showed that Google doesn’t follow the rules and always thinks out of the box.

The End Of An Era: Dropping The Exclamation Mark

There was an exclamation mark in the logo design of Google from 1999 to 2015. This was mainly added deliberately to mimic the logo design of Yahoo!. But after 2015, Google decided to remove it. Also, in 2013 design this logo was displayed in a two dimensional way. But once all of this was changed it ended an era of design continuity in the world of the logo design community.

Google’s New Logo Is from Its Parent Company

Google always manages to come up with a lot of variations in their custom logo design. Ever wondered where it comes from? Well, it comes from Google’s parent company Alphabet. The font currently used in the logo is Product Sans. If you look up the parent company, you will find that there is a similarity between the logo designs.

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