5 Most Famous Quality Logo Designs Which Are Circular In Nature


Quality logo design is the best way to keep your consumers engaged and build your brand. They are very important in this capitalizing world. Whether we buy a pair of jeans or a computer, we first look at the brand. The easiest way to recognize your favourite brand is to look at the logo design. All famous companies can be recognised easily with the help of their quality logo design. In all these famous companies, the circular logo design is a very common logo design pattern. Let us take a look at some of those famous companies with circular pattern for logo design.


Volks means people in Germany and wagon means cars. The Volkswagen logo design is one of the most simple circular design. The blue colour shows class, reliability, and excellence whereas the white colour represents charm, nobility, and purity.


Such is the power of the logo design of Starbucks that it is said everyone should drink coffee from here at least once in their life. It has been famous since 1987 and the story behind the logo design is probably the most interesting one among all the famous companies. It basically represents a siren of Greek mythology who used to lure sailors to shipwreck off the coast of an island. The siren in green and white on every coffee cup is shown to lure all coffee lovers from everywhere.


One of the best-known quality logo design is NASA. The recent logo design is a blue circle which represents the planet Earth and the stars surround it are the stars. The circular orbit shows the space travel and the V in red colour is to represent aeronautics.


Pepsi is another logo design with a circular pattern that has undergone many changes over the years. The recent change has been very simple, showing swirling of the colour blue, white and red one after the other in a circular shape. The theory of this design is basically to represent U.S patriotism. It was created during the time of WWII.


A very famous electronic company has the logo design of L and G in white on a pink background. The hidden meaning of this logo design is the resemblance of a human face where the L is the nose and the rest is the face. It gives the brand a human element.

So these are some of the world-famous quality logo designs with a circular pattern. If you are interested in one too, you can come to MR Logo in the UK.