5 Steps To Create The Perfect Custom Logo Design For Your Company

There is no arguing how the importance of a logo design is irreplaceable. This is why all the successful companies look for a custom log design to represent their brand. On one hand, the client might think it is simply a give and take, but for the designer, it has a lot of procedural steps. To give a good custom logo design to the client the logo designer would need to go through five strategic steps. Take a look at what those steps are.

Briefing The Project

The very first step is to understand the project. The designer needs to know in details what are the needs and scope of the business are. A brief idea about what the logo needs to represent can help the designer analyse the required elements for the custom logo design. The more information the designer will gain, the more beneficial it will be. Many designers ask the clients to fill a questionnaire.

Research And Brainstorm

Once the designer gets the brief for the project, researching and brainstorming is the very obvious step. During this period, the designer does a comparison of the competitor’s logo design and analyse the market situation to understand in what way the company has an advantage from others. Gaining the market’s perspective makes it easy to choose the direction the designing should go to.

Produce Design Concepts And Mock-Ups

Once the designer gets the direction, he can go ahead start with designing. It’s not possible to get the perfect custom logo design in one go. So, the client is given some design concepts and mock-ups at first. Once they get some options, it becomes easy to finalize one or two. The designer considers the colours used, patterns, typography, and icon combination to make several mock-ups.

Feedback And Review

After the mock-ups are given, the step is for the client where they need to give feedback about the design. The primary draft of the custom logo design is reviewed by the client. Either they accept it or ask for some specific changes. Even though the client’s vision is the final word, but sometimes the designer might make changes too.

Design And Presentation

Once everything has been sorted out, the last step is the final draft. After that, it is finally presented to the client in an ideal format as promised.

These five steps are always followed by all designers to create a custom logo design for their client in the UK.