How Affordable Logo Design Can Help You Acquire Ownership Of Your Business Logo


Logo design holds brand worth of unparalleled value. While getting a logo design, many business people do not realise the importance of logo ownership. Often they assume that the only way of acquiring a legal copyright is by spending a fortune on logo design. As a result, they settle for extremely substandard logo design and needless to say they never manage to own the logo. Let’s understand how logo ownership is acquired and if you really need to spend a fortune on it, or an affordable logo design can do it too.

Either a Copyright or a trademark is sufficient to register a logo against an individual company, depending upon the particular logo design and the business profile. But in some rare case, both trademark and copyright are required. This ensures that your brand’s logo remains the sole property of your business and no other individual or organization can use it without facing legal consequences.

It mitigates the risk of corporate identity theft up to a large extent, which is a rather common issue these days. But the logo has to bear some unique, new feature for it to be considered as a genuine, new logo. The substandard logo that you get from free software or naive designers that charge less than a penny for your logo designs will not do. These logos are simply recreated over and over with the same preloaded icons.

These kinds of logos are known as generic logos and bear no unique mark of your business. Thereby most than one, or in fact, even a bunch of business of same domain can end up having similar or even identical logo designs. Thereby, it is crucial to get a logo designed that is absolutely original work and preferably designed to complement the business to make it a successful one.

It is a myth that a genuine logo design is going to make you cut off your dinner reservation at a fancy restaurant. In fact, we, Mr Logo Design offers affordable logo designs for your business. We deliver quality logo designs at an extremely reasonable price, which is ideal for you to get ownership of the logo.

In a nutshell, before staining your brand name with below standard logo just to save a few pounds, evaluate all your options. It is best to stick with affordable logo design and register your logo to enhance your business even more.