What makes a good logo design?


A customized logo does wonder to its respective business. It adds singular identity and also transforms the brands for good.  However, not every cheap logo design is effective and attractive. So, the million dollar question pops, ‘what makes a good logo?’

There is no ’one solution fits it all’ but it sure does have a recipe. A basic way to make it work it by making it simple, it really is that simple. Let’s understand the same in depth.

A logo can be designed for any industry and any domain, even rockets, but decoding the logo should not be rocket science. The thing makes the logo, memorable is its simplicity. While designing often designers go overboard with trendy designs and fads. This ends up making a logo that goes well with the present time, but appears way too out of the league in the near future itself.

The acronym KISS is helpful in this case. It stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid. The most well-known logos are memorable cause it is simple. If you go for a logo that looks like a blueprint of a nuclear plant, no one is likely to remember it, including you, yourself.

This is where many naive designers make the mistake and lose it for good. They try to prove their designing ability and variations that they add every designing style they know off, into one single design. They produce exceptionally complicated design logo. Several of them pursue the business owner to use it, in the name of a fad.

It is often seen that the logo for the business with a wide range of products has a more complex logo. It is because the logo is basically designed by infusing as many products as the canvas would hold. The idea of often inspired by a handful of MNC company with numerous products. However, one should take note that, not every trick works for everyone.

Often the business owner themselves rejects simple, easy design and ask for something complex enough. The reason for the same varies from case to case. Something a simple logo is not worth their expense, they want as much as possible in their budget.

Get a logo that is simple to understand, easy to remember, versatile to add more product or service lines, and stays timeless for a significant time period.

Always remember, less is more.