looking for a print supplier with honest trade prices?

Try walk into a local print shop and ask for a price list  LOL

One thing that i have noticed in the world of printing is that on the internet everybody wants to show off their prices which is understandable because if you don’t show your price then you won’t make the sale online and nor will you won the enquiry in my experiences.


It’s pretty much a trade way of life with the shops because they wan’t to get the most money out of you on a per customer basis. I.e if a customer entered the shop on behalf of nike they’d get the expensive prices as opposed to a client for a local small takeaway in the city that may get the mates rates price.

But anyway

Have you ever tried walking into a print shop these days? I actually did this just to see what would happen, TWICE.

Okay so i drove past a shop and thought right i want to see how these guys operate, i was discreet and had a good cover story.

” I’m djing at a birthday party and i’ve been asked to get 500 a5 flyers printed do you have a pricelist i can take home”

Long story short the guy didn’t have a pricelist, so i then asked him “okay if i buy them today when can i have them?”

5 Days? – Why five days , how come not today? I can see the printer in the back so how come i have to wait 5 days i’m thinking? (Because the printer is for show and these guys outsource, which is fair enough)

Left the shop, drove to another shop with the same story and thee guys just told me to come back when i know what i want!

Oh yeah, finally i just thought i’d tell you that i’ve set up an online printing company with a full pricelist thats available online, check it out.

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