looking for a logo design reseller?

Ask yourself this… How do they manage their workload?

Don’t let anybody fool you, logo design is NOT easy money but with anything worthwhile that you have a talent and passion for, money can be made!

Many printers, design agencies, marketing agencies and savvy people work with designers like myself and re-sell design work, im going to show you how to find a good supplier of design (just like me i’m a supplier as i do the work).


1. What’s the designers website like, is it a free website, is it professional?
The reasons why i ask this are if a designer has a technically speaking visually poor website then its an alarm bell. First appearances are everything these days…

2. Telephone number, email addresses?
No telephone number is a nono do not approach them. How are you going to chase them when your designs are late, if their email is a @hotmail.com then that can also raise alarm bells as it shows a lack of professional know how but then again that’s my opinion

3.Do they answer the fricking phone?
This is a huge giveaway because i’ll admit this to you i was guilty of this myself when i was just starting out. When i first started designing pretty things i was also working part time at a local business managing their marketing so of course i couldn’t answer the phone for potential clients, and to existing clients as i was too busy or unable to speak… So think about that too!

4.Do they take on more work than they can handle?
You want to ask them what their turnaround time is from brief to delivery. If they tell you it takes 2 days then you should contact them after the first 24 hours to checkup on things, a good designer will speak to you and say it will be another 24 hours which is fine. However if 24 hours has passed with no samples then it looks like your designer is too busy to keep to their promises.

5.if you are ready to invest in a designer give them a test job
You won’t know if you don’t try right? So give the designer a test job. Judge them on their work, communication, adherence to deadlines and in some cases their spelling. Yes not everyone can spell!

I hope my top tips will hep you from becoming the next logo design horror story!