Logo Design fails in december

Logo design fail – December 2013 

These are genuine logos that i have come across in December 2013, you wouldn’t believe the amounts of money people have charged for these logos is more that what we charge! OMG i’m in the wrong market!

Gantavya Designs

Our client shelled out £50 on a freelancer website and got 6 terrible logos, actually i don;t think i can call them logos. They paid for 6 terrible images, got no revisions and were duped into using the designer as he provided a false portfolio. I did some research and found out it was an indian freelancer based in bangladesh, i do not know if the client ever got a refund.

Wow 2 logos with different texts and random colours – FAIL




Oh some ready made stencils and standard fonts, see how the text overlays one of the buttons on the pad… Random colours again – FAIL


I don’t know what the hell this one is – Random colours again FAIL


Gifts of the world – FAIL – FAIL – FAIL

I have seen the template for this logo online so many times that it made the logo design FAIL reel


Did a 5 year old design this? Banter LOL


This logo below is the last straw – i cant believe designers can even put this type of work out never mind charge for it !

Stock image, probably stolen with some text that’s hard to read – FAIL




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