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5 Amazing Logos That Transformed Their Brand Name



Getting the customized logo can change the entire existence of a business. Often, many business owners and entrepreneurs mistake that a long logo design requires a lot of money. However, this is just a misconception. You can get quality logo design even at a cheap price if you know the right place. At Mr logo design, we offer customized logo design at an extremely affordable rate.


Take a look at 5 logo design, we delivered for a variety of business domains.


1. Alisha’s Cupcakes

The business of Alish’s Cupcakes deals with offering delicious cupcakes and cookies. The logo of the business is designed with a cupcake icon along with the name of the business. The use of the color golden enhances its aesthetics and highlights their passion for delivering only the best in class product.


2. C.S.W- bathroom and wet room specialist

The business offers fitting and repair solution for the bathroom and other rooms that contain moisture, such as shower, laundry room and spa room. The logo contains the entire business name to avoid getting confused with the other competitors and it encircles the icon of a bathtub and shower.


3. Lorraine Kurata- Real Estate

Lorainne Kurata is a business that offers Real Estate services. The logo of the business has been designed with a simple silhouette of a basic house. The logo has been painted in a single color, red. As the color red creates urgency among the viewers, thereby motivating them to take action.


4. Parties and Wishes

The business of Parties and Wishes deals with providing supplies for various kinds of events and parties. As any party is full of fun and entertainment, it is only justified that logo comprises of multiple colors. The logo is extremely easy to spot and is attractive to catch the attention of its target audience.


5. Redio.co

The logo of Redio is monocolored in mustard yellow. As the business deals in the domain of entertainment, the color yellow fits the best, as it also represent the emotions of joy, happiness, hope, energy, and optimism. Moreover, the O of the business name has been modified to look like the old analog radio with an antenna protruding out of it.


Inspired to get one for your business as well? Get customized logo design at an extremely cheap price, only from the house of Mr logo design. Uplift your business in the market and achieve higher milestones.


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What is a logo and how important are they?



If you own a business or planning on launching one soon, you must have heard a fad going around about the logo design. Should you do it yourself, or spend a fortune or rely on affordable logo design? But before that, do you know for sure, what a logo is? For that answer simple question, what is the first thing that comes to your mind, when you think of Domino’s, apart from the mouth-watering cheese burst pizza? The 1 piece of the board game dominos right, painted in blue and red? That is the logo of the dominos.


Thereby, the logo the most recognizable visual identity of a business. For it to serve its rightful purpose, one particular logo must be attached solely to one business. However, it is used for multiple units at various locations of the same business, or while launching a sub-unit of a particular business. It is of many types, some use the name of the business itself, while some use the initials of it, some prefer a mascot, while some chose a logo lockup type.


Either way, the logo, is, therefore, the most prominent identity of any brand. Apart from being featured as the face of the company among the rest of the competitors, a logo can also use for other corporate identities. These include the business card, letterhead, brochures, flyers, billboards and even corporate jet, depending upon the establishment of the particular business.


Besides, contributing towards the basic recognition of the brand, the logo also offers to distinguish features between competing businesses. Thus, in a short run, it offers brand awareness and in a long run, it helps to establish brand loyalty.


These features make it compulsory for every business these days. However, many businesses do not realize their imminent importance and end up settling for the incompetent logo. This might save some initial budget, but in the long run, it causes more harm than good.


However, having a customized logo is the wisest decision for any business who wish to have a strong presence in the future. For this, getting them done from a professional logo designing firm is the best option. They can deliver customized, wisely crafted logo designs as per their vast knowledge and experience of business types.


In a nutshell, a logo adds value to the business, more than any other marketing element. Thereby, it is always recommended to spend as much as one possibly can, to enjoy its benefits in terms of the business success. However, there are many logo designing firms that offer affordable logo designs as well.


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