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5 Amazing Logos That Transformed Their Brand Name



Getting the customized logo can change the entire existence of a business. Often, many business owners and entrepreneurs mistake that a long logo design requires a lot of money. However, this is just a misconception. You can get quality logo design even at a cheap price if you know the right place. At Mr logo design, we offer customized logo design at an extremely affordable rate.


Take a look at 5 logo design, we delivered for a variety of business domains.


1. Alisha’s Cupcakes

The business of Alish’s Cupcakes deals with offering delicious cupcakes and cookies. The logo of the business is designed with a cupcake icon along with the name of the business. The use of the color golden enhances its aesthetics and highlights their passion for delivering only the best in class product.


2. C.S.W- bathroom and wet room specialist

The business offers fitting and repair solution for the bathroom and other rooms that contain moisture, such as shower, laundry room and spa room. The logo contains the entire business name to avoid getting confused with the other competitors and it encircles the icon of a bathtub and shower.


3. Lorraine Kurata- Real Estate

Lorainne Kurata is a business that offers Real Estate services. The logo of the business has been designed with a simple silhouette of a basic house. The logo has been painted in a single color, red. As the color red creates urgency among the viewers, thereby motivating them to take action.


4. Parties and Wishes

The business of Parties and Wishes deals with providing supplies for various kinds of events and parties. As any party is full of fun and entertainment, it is only justified that logo comprises of multiple colors. The logo is extremely easy to spot and is attractive to catch the attention of its target audience.


5. Redio.co

The logo of Redio is monocolored in mustard yellow. As the business deals in the domain of entertainment, the color yellow fits the best, as it also represent the emotions of joy, happiness, hope, energy, and optimism. Moreover, the O of the business name has been modified to look like the old analog radio with an antenna protruding out of it.


Inspired to get one for your business as well? Get customized logo design at an extremely cheap price, only from the house of Mr logo design. Uplift your business in the market and achieve higher milestones.


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Why i hate most logo designers

This is a rant post 

Right, a few months ago my business was going absolutely nuts i had taken on new staff to manage the workload and i was still stuck, i was in every designers dream and nightmare which is having too much work coming in.

So to manage the workflow in an attempt to offer our customers a brilliant service we hired a freelancer on a 2 week contract to lessen the load. (P.S It’s very hard to find good staff these days especially when you are working to time frames)

Anyway so this freelancers credentials and the samples of his work checked out, and my project manager approved him so he joined the team as our only virtual non office based staff.

I should have known better

1. He was based about 20 miles from us and after repeatedly calling his mobile / skype / voip phone with no answer we had to resort to driving down to his residential address of which was his mothers house.

2. We passed him a total of 18 pre worked on briefs for him to continue and provided him with a voip phone, so he could update customers using our business telephone number and answer calls when they call his direct dial number.

He would email a customer on the temporary email we set up for him when they complained, but when our project manager would email him for a status update – NO REPLY

No outgoing calls were made for the first 11 days and many of the projects we passed him were extremely late and overdue, we then had to divert staff resources and the telephone number from his voip handset back to the office and our staff had to make up for the delays. So after paying this guy, i was stung again by having to send the work back to my in house guys and decide to dispute the money we paid to him, bearing in mind that the customers that we passed to him are now mad and vowing never to use us again and so on so the cost of this had shot through the roof!

We finally retrieved our voip handset from this designer, we had to put in a formal claim for a full refund of all monies paid of which we received 50% of, i do not think the designer could afford to pay us back fully and i also understand that his failure was in his own weakness as a self employed business man, but then again his failure cost my business money so i guess i should have sued but that’ s another story!

So why do i hate most designers?

I hate most graphic designers because of the following reasons

1.They won’t stick to a time frame that you agree with them. It’s almost as if the pick a number of days out of the air and then work on your project when they can be bothered.

2. Not being able to spell really winds me up, especially when you have pre typed everything out for them to follow and you get a misspelled logo.

3. Not answering the phone, or replying to emails on time or at all – really annoying

4. They have to be right all the time, if i ask for a crappy logo designing just follow my instructions don’t send me emails asking me am i sure i want that repeatedly.

5. They don’t understand business properly, time is money, skill is chagable, but there is a delicate balance between efficency, performance, cost, creativity and professionalism and i can easily say very few designers or companies get it right, the ones that think they do and go on about how great design is to cover up their over failings are the worst.

Thanks for reading about why i hate graphic / logo designers 


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