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How Much A Quality Logo Design Actually Costs


“Everything we see around has a price tag attached to it. So, there should be one fixed price for a logo design, as well.”

This is a common misconception among people who are looking for a logo design for their business. However, the answer is not as simple to be displayed in certain numbers. There are various sources that offer logo design and that too at a diversified price range. Let’s understand how much should a quality logo design cost.

Well, the answer totally depends upon the situation. If you are a logo designer, it is free for you. It is also true if you are best friends with a professional one. If are looking online for the free logo design, you are likely to find several ones offering them free of cost or at a price way cheaper than a bag of chips. You can also find a high-end designer who would charge too high for a logo design and chances are there, you might actually need to encash your bank saving for it. So, which option should you turn to? Let’s unfold the scenario one by one.

Free software offering logo design without any cost looks lucrative, but what they deliver are simply an icon or its set collected from a preloaded database. It has no originality whatsoever. On the other hand, the logo designers who claim to offer logo design at an unbelievably cheaper price deliver cheap quality designs that lack the elements that make it a good logo design.

Not only, it casts a poor impression on the brand but lacks the prerequisites that would make it original and unique. Needless to say, it cannot be used to register a copyright for the same and can face a legal issue at any point of the time.

This makes it look like that you have to rely on the expensive logo design, isn’t it? Well, not exactly, if you know where to go for it. You can actually get a quality logo design at an extremely affordable price. At MR logo design, we offer a quality logo design for every business of every nature. Our clientele is diversified and our quality works compel them to avail our designing services over and over again.

All set to place your logo design order? Check out our portfolio and get set do!

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A Brief Introduction to Vector File Format

The need for a customized logo design is inevitable for every successful business these days. However, you need to take a moment out before you place your order for a logo design. You should first consider whether or not you want your final logo file in vector format. In case you have not much clearer idea about the same, here we present the brief introduction of it.

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A vector image is created by countless smaller, independent, scalable objects, which are all formulated together by a mathematical equation. As a result, it is completely scalable and provides an indefinite degree of freedom to the graphic designer. It has many advantages over its counterpart Raster files, but the most noteworthy features are as follows-

Scalability – It is the property of the image file to readjust to any scale. Unlike several raster formats, the image does not get pixilated upon stretching or encounter data loss upon compressing. Thereby, the vector file offers the highest quality possible for the image of any size, ranging from a mini icon to billboard.

Editable – It is the property to make changes and revision even after the final file is designed or delivered. The raw file format of the logo design ensures that even after receiving the logo, you can make changes in it. These changes can be as small as adding/removing a minor portion or changing color, and it can also be altering it into some other adaptive design if needed.

Transparent – It is the property of a file to be able to blend perfectly over any background. The actual file can be used in many creative ways, making it have a competitive edge. Moreover, its options for printing too, is more advanced and of high quality.

So, why do you might need to have so many options for your logo! Well, your logo is the face of your business, it needs to be present everywhere, as much as possible. However, a vector file has to be made from the scratch (and cannot be saved as a vector from another format), in the suitable software, not every graphic designer is well capable of providing the same. We, at the house of MR Logo Design, have a graphic designer with extensive knowledge and experience in both raster and vector file formats. So, take your logo design where ever your business grows.

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Why Freelancing Logo Design Is A Bad Option

What is the most prevalent shortcut you see around these days. Without a doubt, it is freelancing. If you were going to consider the same, here we present you the eminent reason for why you should not fall for the same. For those who do not understand the same, freelancing is a type of work or employment, in which a person is working on a certain task on a temporary basis. It is usually established on a contract basis for one job. Freelancing is a new thing in the market of Logo designing in the UK these days.

Many naive designers are doing it to meet ends and get experience and many organizations are going for this option to save money. One very important thing that makes most of these freelanced designs a big no-no is their lack of experience. Their main aim is to get as many logos as possible instead of focusing on the quality.

Authenticity is the biggest threat associated with getting freelancer logo design. They mostly offer generic logos that they simply modify as per each individual client. For instance, you are likely to find an icon of a camera for any business dealing with photography. Needless to say, it fails to make a unique impression upon its target audience.

Moreover as already mentioned freelancing is often a ‘one job’ thing. So no matter what your ‘self-proclaimed’ perfect logo designer is delivering, he or she is likely to go incognito immediately after the entire payment is successful. Thereby, you will have no assistance from them, in case you spot an error later on or need a minor revision. A professional logo designing firm, on the other hand, will provide assistance until completion.

Before jumping for these cheap tricks, remember for them, it is simply a practice pitch on which they learn from their mistakes. But it will be your business that will get stuck with a ‘mistake’ logo. Needless to say, it will not be compensated by the money you saved by opting for this cheap getaway. So, always go with the well-established logo design firm that ensures that your logo is unique, customized, authentic and also help you with revisions if required.

In case, you need a customized logo at an affordable price, get in touch with us to inquire the same. We offer customized logo at an affordable price and offer unlimited edits as a complementary to our packages.

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5 More Amazing Logo To Refine Their Brand Name


A picture is worth a thousand words’

A logo design is what must comply with these golden words. A quality logo design indeed is what often makes a brand stand alone despite having numerous competitors. We are back with 5 more logo design that enhances its brand name with its existence.


1. Equity Results Limited

This secondary asset-based business has an interesting logo. The negative space within the blue colored logo is used brilliantly. The lines and dots show ups and downs, which is ‘a given’ in any kind of capital market, but the prominent blue upside arrow depicts the overall profit the customer has with them.


2. Broadland Nordic Walking

The scenes of the Nordic countryside weren’t difficult to find on the online database, but we thought it would be best to make it from the scratch. The logo comprises of 2 enthusiast joggers walking on the pavement on the roads with dazzling sunrise and shores on each side. The addition of a windmill on the path ahead completes the scenario.


3. Moose & Penguin Photography

The photography business is flourishing these days. So, instead of stuffing just a camera, we wanted to use the fancy name of the business name to produce a unique logo design. Needless to say, the peaking Moose and Penguin are hard to forget amidst of numerous photography business you see these days, right!


4. Fighting Cancer

Who says illustration logos only suits the profit earning corporates? A wisely created logo is more than capable of contributing towards a cause as well. The logo of Fighting cancer resembles very much to the purple ribbon, but the modifications made in this particular logo illustrate the motto walk, run and ride as mentioned in the business name.


5. Big Picture Training

The logo for this entertainment based training institute is created wisely. The big picture is obviously assembled with several small pictures. These units are all arranged in a pattern, all but one. This almost-fit indicates that the organization is all set to prepare professionals who will accomplish the task soon.


These are some of the many quality logo designs that were researched, designed and delivered to our clients. You want a tailor-made logo for your business as well? Stop stalling and get on-board with us!


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Which Organizations In UK Needs A Logo Design?


The logo of Pepsi is one of the most recognizable logos in all over the world. The well-known logo had simply cost $1 million to design. Though this is a classic example of an overly expensive logo, not every organization needs to have such a big amount ready for logo design. A logo is required by every organization, independent of their ability to spend on the logo. As a matter of fact, you can get impressive logo design even at a cheap price, if you know where to look for it.

Today, we are going to list which organization needs to have a personalized logo and a rough idea regarding how much they can afford to spend on it.

Business- any business, regardless of their nature of products and services, thrives for the profit. In order to do so, it only seems perfect that it stays ahead of its competitors. A custom logo design is an excellent way of doing so. Any business should ideally spend enough to get a quality result, keeping the budget in mind, obviously.

Individual- any individual is less likely to have the need for a logo design unless the thrive to promote an individual business or brand. Photographers, freelancer writer, and designers often need to do the same, in order to create distinction from the others. Often, they have a very limited budget, especially during the initial years.

NGO- NGOs often need to have generous grants and donation in order to fulfill its purpose. In order to make a unique identity, a customized logo becomes imperative. A renowned NGO is likely to invest more, while a new, and less know Ngo is likely to go for an affordable logo design.

Cause and Awareness- some organization or group of individual some specific aspect in order to enhance the quality of life for people and surrounds. It may be associated with an NGO, or act as a single entity for a period of time. Yoga initiative, plastic pollution, and cancer awareness are some of the examples. Having customized logo design is likely to add value to it, but often they cannot spend much on it as these often surfaces from time to time itself.

Academic institute- let it be preschool, school, daycare or ever university, a personalized logo has wondered for it all. Not only it adds a unique identity to it, but also enables them to extend its horizon in the future as well. During events such as intercollege feats and sports, etc, it helps in identification of the players during the match and evoke a spirit. Financially supported academic institutions are more likely to expense more on a personalized logo design.

Thus, we can clearly see that various organization need a customized logo for their own reasons. Likewise, their ability to spend on it varies as well. Going for a reliable logo design firm will ensure a well-designed logo at a cheap price.


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