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5 Animal Mascot Logo Made By Mr Logo Design

Often many businesses use mascot in their logo to add an element of familiarity among people. KFC, Starbuck, Michelin tires, Lacoste are some of the classic examples of such mascot logo designs. These mascots can be any creature, person, animals, or even animated entities.

At Mr Logo Design, we deliver various kinds of logo designs for our clients, including mascot logos. Today, we present 5 animal mascot logo designed by our expert designers. So, let us check them out, one by one.

1. Treats For Woofs

Who does not love to own a dog! If you are looking for tasty treats for your furry kids, this is the perfect place for you. The logo shows how much your pets would love these treats. We have used a small puppy hanging by the bone, clearly not letting it go anytime soon.

2. Dinosauria Dig

A logo design with a rare animal as its mascot. It is a wordmark type logo displaying the entire business name to spread brand awareness. Of course, the dinosaur does not dig, as the business name says so, but the logo looks attractive enough to serve its purpose.

3. Fishing Friends

This business all dedicate to enhance the fishing experience. The logo design depicts a catching a large fish by throwing a bait of a small fish. It has a message instead, ‘pay small now, to get much bigger later’. Same goes for the ideas of investing on logo design.

4. Shengchun Martial Arts

Martial arts is ages old thing, however, it does not mean it should not blend with modern entities right! The logo of Shengchun martial arts uses an icon of a ferocious tiger. It symbolizes strength, power and obviously, feature as the most suitable animal to go with it.

5. Pengi

Music is the medication for a soul, isn’t it! The logo of this business ‘Pengi’ shows how much even these adorable creatures enjoy the music. A simple logo lockup, that is sure to cast an impression on the mind of people around.

Is your business name having a cute animal in it too? Or perhaps you offer services to these furry creatures? Going for an animal mascot logo can be a wise decision for you. Not only it easily spreads the nature of the business, but actually, act as a magnet to attract the attention of your target audience. Get the perfectly designed logo only at Mr. Logo Design.

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How Getting A Logo Design This Christmas Is Good For Your Business?


Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who is all set with your very own startup? Have you recently launched or planning on launching your business soon? Let’s evaluate why you should consider getting a customized logo –

Business Promotion During Christmas

As you must be aware that Christmas is on its way and it offers a huge scope of any business, including yours. You are misinformed if you are worried that it might need you to spend a lot? In fact, £30 is enough for you to get a cheap logo design, which can do the trick effectively. Let’s understand it in details.

Why Christmas Is A Great Time To Promote Your Business?

These festive seasons are the best timing to set a milestone cause people are not on their ‘play safe’ guard and due to a happy spirit, they are open to trying out new things. From a strategic point of view, it is giving your business an equal scope as any well-known business. However, it is going to take something magical for them to notice your’s from the rest.

Why A Customized Logo Design Is Of Great Importance?

If you are a businessperson and own a business (or planning on in the near future) it is inevitable to have a logo design. It is, after all, the face of your business that represents you to the target audience. Having a recognizable one will help the people come back to you, even after the festive season is over. In fact, handing out few flyers or small token bearing your logo and contact details is a great way of gaining customers.

How Much Should You Spend For It?

This is a misconception that a professionally designed logo takes a lot. Well, it certainly does if you are NOT looking enough. Many firms offer professional logo design even at an affordable budget. At Mr. Logo design, we offer customized, cheap logo designs at as reasonable as £30, that too with 2 options.

How Should Your Logo Look Like?

In between this festive spirit, are you considering getting a customized logo design with overwhelming Christmas elements? It is a common mistake made by many business owners who go for designing their logo design during this time. Remember, the festive timing last for a limited period and after it is over, the festive-themed logo will not only be ineffective, but actually repulse people from it, assuming it something backdated. However, you can consider getting 2 logo options, with one original and one Christmas inspired that you can switch according to the time.

As you can see, lots of opportunities are waiting for your business with a brand new logo. So, place your order with us now at

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5 Homely, Yet Amazing Real Estate Logo Designs


Nothing is better than going home to family and eating good food and relaxing”


As rightly said by Irina Shayk, nothing beats the warmth, and comfort of one’s home. Needless to say, there are several businesses around the same that offers the services of the accommodation and real estate. Some are involved in offering home, while some are offering rental apartment. Every successful business has a few things in common. These are the enthusiasm of offering the best niche and great logo design to convey their essence.


Let’s present 5 of the real estate logo designs made by the house of Mr Logo Design.


1. Love Your House


The business name itself sounds very close to heart. The logo is made with a simple icon of home. And as the home is where you can be in your skin, it only seems right to add a hint of the love icon to complete the logo design.


2. Beaumont Estate


As the name itself describes, the business deals with offering the luxury estates for the people who can afford it. The logo has the icon of a spacious, estate. The colors black and pink illustrate the essence of professionalism and yet a promise of belongingness in the property sites.


3. Great Build Design


This company stands for designing the best possible designing solutions for both personal and commercial buildings. The logo is made with a rod-like pile ups, projecting high-rise buildings. Also, the cap-like structure projects the growth of this business over the years till now and years to come.


4. Great Stay


Looking for a great place to stay for the upcoming weekend or the next vacation? This business is there to offer all the comfort you can possibly want. The logo utilizes the business name but makes a great design for ‘a’. The placard also showcases the symbol of navigation, stating that it is quite easy to track for people, as well.


5. New Castle


This logo can give royalty logos a tough competition, isn’t it! The logo for this organization is a rather well made and well-received logo of our house. The logo comprises of a castle along with its gates. The business name is projected proudly on the logo as well. This monochromatic logo design has been done entirely in black to convey the commitment of professionalism.


Excited to have your own ‘home sweet home’, get on the voyage to the make it happen.


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4 Basic Types Of Logo Designs For Businesses in UK

By now, you must be aware of the importance of a professional logo design for every business? In case you are searching for getting your logo design as well, take a step back and first consider what type of logo design you need. You certainly need a good one, that people can connect with your business, and there are about 6-8 types of logo design available in the market. Each type has been used by many renowned businesses and is well-known all around the globe. But what type is ideal for your business? Let’s understand them in brief before making that call.


1. Wordmark Logo

This is the most basic type of the logo design. As the name indicates, the logo design is in the exact word format as the business name. It has been used since the dawn of the logo design, throughout history and it is still going strong in this current world. It is perfect for your business if you want to uplift your business name and your business name happens to be something simple, preferably not more than 2-3 words.
Famous examples – Coca cola, Facebook, Cadbury


2. Lettermark Logo

This is the second most common type of logo design. It somewhat resembles the previous type, but it uses only the initials instead of the entire business name. It comes handy and it is easier to remember the initials instead of the full name. It is particularly useful for the business, having a rather larger business name or the one that is somewhat complicated to pronounce by many people.
Famous examples – IBM, HBO, HP


3. Brand Mark Logo

The brandmark logo uses an icon or image to represent the brand. With proper marketing, the logo casts a strong impression in the mind of the people. This is somewhat tricky for new business unless they are up for some exceptional business strategy or set to create a monopoly in the market.
Famous examples – Twitter, Target, Apple


4. Logo Lockup

This is the most common logo design type nowadays and fits good for every business, especially the startups. Consider, it is a combination of brandmark with either the wordmark or the lettermark type logo. It makes the final logo look attractive and also enhance the brand name.
Famous examples – Pizza Hut, Lacoste, Burger King


So, which one did you find the most suitable for your business? At MR Logo Designs, we design all types of professional logo design, as per the requirements of the clients. We will be back with some other types of logo designs soon. Till then stay tuned.


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Diy Logo Design Not Working? Know Why It Might NOT Work!


If you are a key member of an organization and thinking about an element that can enhance its brand value, the idea of having a custom logo design is inevitable. While checking out the logo designs of the other business, you might walk down the memory lane when you won a prize in a certain drawing competition and wondering if you can use that skill for a logo design right now! Let’s discuss why it might actually do more harm than good for your business.

Logo design can be as simple as a swoosh to as complex as the one resembles some coat of arms. The recipe to make it memorable and effective varies from one brand to another, depending on several aspects. It requires extensive research, competitor analysis, profound knowledge of the latest software and most importantly the experience and the ability to keep up with the latest upgrade. The custom logo design made by a professional designer not only is visually more appealing, but also is unique enough to seek ownership of the same. Having legal ownership over the logo design can keep several legal conflicts regarding the same, at bay, for the rest of the life.

However, rather than hiring a professional logo design company, many individuals actually consider hiring a freelance designer, as they offer to do the same at a much cheaper price. However, they are individuals who does not necessarily keep their word. Unlike a business, they are not compelled to follow the predefined protocol. As a result, many times, these freelancer designers charge extra to make edits and might deliver the same in a much later time frame that can adversely affect a business.
Read more- Why you should not consider freelance logo designer

So, what is the best alternative solution for the same? Simple. Hire a professional logo designing firm. At the house of Mr logo design, not only we offer professional customized logo design for every organization out there, we offer them at a comparatively much lesser price. Moreover, our well experienced graphic designers use the best online graphics software to deliver them in every logo file format.

In a nutshell, we ensure all your needs regarding the logo design gets fulfilled from our end. Check out our portfolio at So, place your order for a logo design with us now and uplift your brand reputation.


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